A Quick Guide to Finding the Best Schoolies Accommodation Byron Bay Has to Offer

schoolies accommodation Byron BayYou’ve worked your bum off at school. You’ve done a good job. But now it’s time to take leave of the whole thing — and to celebrate schoolies week!

Three amazing weeks of fun, partying, and relaxing with all of your mates and new people you’ll meet. Best of all, you get to go on holiday without the parents. It’s the perfect opportunity to plan out the kind of activities you want in the destination you prefer. And if you’re looking to head to Byron Bay for a week or so, you’re going to need a proper accommodation.

Book in Advance

Choosing the ideal schoolies accommodation Byron Bay has to offer means practising your newfound freedom, but with good sense and great care. Independence doesn’t come without some responsibility, and responsibility entails doing a bit of research to know which places offer great amenities at the best bargains.

You should do this well before schoolies come up because as soon as the three-week graduation festival begins, you’re in competition with other leavers from other states. They, too, will be looking to stay in Byron Bay for more than just a day. When you find the best schoolies accommodation, you can get right on with the booking and not lose a place to stay when you go on holiday.

Party Hard or Quiet Holidays

With hundreds of students descending on schoolies destinations, like Byron Bay, you should think about how much partying you want to do. Indeed, while the whole purpose of the celebration is to eat, drink, and be merry, you might want to take a couple days to retreat from the all the partying and relax in a secluded accommodation.

Sometimes it’s nice to just get away from all the celebrations, kick back in your own balcony and read a book. So look for places that will give you options for quiet relaxation, and ones that give you easy access to the beach, away from the leavers.

Travel in Groups

The best way to save money on your accommodation in Byron Bay is to travel as a group. You can arrange to stay at a three to four bedroom house that is walking distance from all the schoolies activities. A well appointed home will give you the space and comfort you will all need.

If staying at a Byron Bay house is out of your budget, you can look for self-contained apartments that offer similar amenities without the steep price.

Travelling in groups for schoolies week is not just going to save you money. It may also be safer. This way, you can look after each other through all the parties, and you can stay away from risky situations.

As a final piece of advice, make sure you’re booking your schoolies house, apartment, or suite from a reputable service. This should guarantee the quality and safety of your accommodation. And give you the fantastic holiday you deserve.