Best Byron Bay Places to Stay

Byron Bay places to stay

Everybody needs a break from their routine and if you’re thinking of trying a bunch of new experiences and perhaps meeting new folks along the way, one of the best places to go is Byron Bay.

You’re probably thinking Byron Bay is just another long stretch of sandy beach, but you’ll be surprised to know that Byron Bay is more than what meets the eye. Byron Bay is not just a popular destination for sun worshippers, there are so many layers to this beautiful beachside town of northern new south wales.

Best to book your Byron Bay accommodation first. You will certainly delight in the diverse range of Byron Bay places to stay.
A selection of affordable cottages, beach houses, motels, bungalows, elegant villas, 5-star resorts, and boutique hotels are all on offer. So, whether you intend to go off alone or drag your friends or loved ones with you, you will easily find accommodation that fit your style and budget.

Once you’ve selected a place to temporarily call home for your weekend escape, then it’s time for activities. You deserve some pampering, so try to find spa services in town. Byron Bay has some of the best day spa’s in the country, so treat yourself to a tranquil, relaxing massage or facial. Time to relax and rejuvenate.  

Once you’ve relaxed, how about something more physically active, like kayaking, surfing, hot air ballooning, or hang gliding? Hot air ballooning and hang gliding in particular are rare treats, and you’ll see the bay from a perspective that not many people will actually get to see in their lifetime.

From all of the excitement that these activities offer, consider winding down through a yoga session. The Byron Bay region has many yoga schools, workshops and retreats, so you definitely will not have a hard time finding a class that suits your level.

Weekend markets of Byron Bay. Enjoy the selection of markets available throughout the shire. Aside from local crafts, you can expect to find gastronomic treats, including homemade pastries, different types of brews, local organic produce and so much more. You’re also likely to find the works of local artists at the markets because Byron Bay has a thriving art scene.

There’s still a lot more to do, but if you don’t want to pack your getaway with activities, you can just kick back in your hotel room or apartment and enjoy the vast expanse of beautiful nature that is Byron Bay. Needless to say, it’s a great choice for a weekend getaway, so plan your escape now and look forward to being rejuvenated by the experience.