What Features Should You Look for in Byron Family Accommodation Options?

Byron Bay Family Accommodation

After spending months steadily diving headlong into tasks and responsibilities at work or at school, you begin to long for a substantial break so that you can recharge your batteries, relax, and indulge in activities that you truly enjoy. Your whole family will surely be excited at the prospect of going away for the weekend (or longer!) to explore a new place, experience new things, and discover all kinds of comforts and luxuries provided by gorgeous accommodations.

Byron Bay would be an excellent destination for your next family holiday. There’s no specific time of year recommended when visiting this popular place — visitors from all over the country (and the globe) can come by at any time of the year to experience comfortable temperatures and colourful events. With its laid-back and alternative lifestyle, it’s the perfect place to unwind or get active at the beach, join in on the wonderful music and writers’ festivals, explore craft markets, and interact with people of diverse backgrounds.

Something for everyone

But first things first: you need to book a place to stay. How do you go about selecting accommodations when you’ve got the whole family in tow? There’s certainly no need to dread making these arrangements — with a little insight, consideration for every family member’s needs, and a collective desire to have as much fun and relaxation as possible, you can easily pinpoint the best Byron Bay family accommodation to suit your brood.

Here are important features you need to look for to ensure that your holiday will be a blast:

A central Byron Bay location with easy accessibility

Parents know what it’s like to go on long trips with small children (and even older children) — the young ones get bored. Fast. As much as possible, reduce your travel times by picking accommodations in close proximity to the attractions that you mean to visit. If some attractions are some distance away, make sure that the routes are ideal for quick drives or there are shuttles or convenient public transport options available.

All the appliances and facilities you need

For longer holidays, it can be more ideal to choose Byron Bay self-contained holiday houses instead of Byron Bay hotels so that you can have the space to yourself along with all the provisions that can help you save money on services. Refrigerators, washing machines and dryers, microwaves, toasters, DVD players, flat screen TVs, air conditioners, irons and iron boards — with all these, you won’t have to rely on shops and restaurants for everything you need.

Child services or provisions

You’ll want a holiday home that is decidedly child-friendly. See if they provide high chairs, cots, play areas, bikes, and other implements that will make the stay enjoyable for children.

Safety features

Of course, when the whole family is travelling, safety is always a priority. If possible, inspect the house’s safety features — locks, safes, fire and emergency exits, fire extinguishers, etc.

Good bed/bedroom configurations

Whether you’re sharing beds with the children or staying in separate rooms, it’s crucial to make sure that everyone gets sufficient rest so that you will all feel energised and recharged for the next day’s activities. Find out how the beds or bedrooms are arranged so you can be sure to have comfy nights with plenty of shut-eye.

Non-smoking areas or policies

Not all families will have smokers, and most parents will want their children to be able to roam freely in places where they will get little or zero exposure to cigarette smoke. Check for smoke-free spaces and any policies that will help ensure that your preferences are met.