Make the Most Out of Your Byron Bay Holiday: Accommodation Selection Tips

Whenever you plan to go on holiday, your deepest wish is always to have the time of your life.

Byron Bay Holiday AccommodationRegardless of whether you’re headed to a particular destination to indulge in extreme sports, to try as much of the famed local cuisine as possible, or to spend days kicking back in a secluded tropical paradise so you can escape the crazy city life you’ve become accustomed to, you always hope that you are able to prepare for every possible occurrence and that you can look forward to an enjoyable, fulfilling experience — with little or no hassles and headaches that can dampen your spirits and turn a supposedly unforgettable trip into a regrettable one.

The right choice of accommodation is one huge factor that can dictate how successful and stress-free your holiday will be. When you find the hotel, apartment rental, villa, beach house, or holiday home that meets your needs and provides every possible comfort and convenience you may ever look for, you can truly indulge in the high-energy or restful vacation you seek and focus on the rest of your itinerary.

So if you’re getting ready for your upcoming visit to some of Australia’s best destinations (such as a much-awaited Byron Bay holiday), accommodation bookings should be immediately taken care of for best results. Here are important tips that can help you narrow down your search and identify the best accommodations for your trip:

Consider the location. You won’t be staying the whole time in the accommodation — there’s sure to be a list of places you’ll want to see, and your hotel or apartment should be in close proximity to those to save you driving time.

Scrutinise the facilities. From their website or from an ocular inspection, you can gauge the quality of the actual facilities provided by the accommodations in your shortlist. Study the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, lobby, restaurant, roof deck, swimming pool, recreation area, lounge, and other areas so you can decide if they fit the bill and pass your standards. Whether you’re travelling alone, with a significant other, a group of friends, or the entire family with kids and pets, the accommodations you pick must be able to cater to you or to everyone in your party.

Look for excellent customer service. Aside from having remarkable facilities, the staff should be warm, insightful, helpful and perceptive to your needs. They should be ready to answer all your enquiries, make great recommendations for activities or side trips, offer provisions that can make your stay more comfortable, and let you know about services and tips that you may want or need. The level of service can make an accommodation go from average to great in an instant.

Check testimonials and reviews. You’ll want to get firsthand reviews from former guests, and be sure to check out both positive and negative reviews so you’ll know what to expect from each of your choices. If the review is quite recent, you can expect a similar experience — so you need to evaluate whether that’s something you’ll be fine with or not.

Get the best value for your money. You have to figure out if the overall experience of staying in a certain beach house, family suite, couple’s luxury villa or backpacker’s inn gives you the best returns on your investment — after all, the money you spend for your holiday is hard-earned and carefully budgeted, so you’ll want to squeeze the best experiences out of your stay so that you can get the maximum enjoyment from the experience.