Make Your Schoolies Trip One to Remember — Choose Great Byron Bay Schoolies Accommodation

Byron Bay Schoolies Accommodation

Byron Bay has always been known as a top destination for holidays. People from all walks of life can take their pick of activities and stay overnight or several days, because the area has been developed to accommodate the heavy flow of holiday-makers. But for three weeks toward the end of the year – from November 21st to the 12th of December – Byron Bay gets congested with high school leavers ready to party and completely celebrate the start of summer.

If you’re one of the many teens heading to Byron Bay for schoolies celebrations, better get a move on in searching for Byron Bay schoolies accommodation — do it now if you can because finding vacancies in November or December will certainly be a gnarly undertaking. According to reports, schoolies week brings an average of 10,000 teens every year during that three-week period, so you’re surely going to be in stiff competition for accommodation. The last thing you want, is to be stuck in accommodation in the remotest areas of Byron Bay with your mates.

To further ensure a fun schoolies trip to Byron Bay, it’s also highly recommended that you visit where you and your friends can start planning your stay. In doing this, not only will you be able to see how conveniently located certain accommodation is, but you can also get a reliable quote for your stay so you can prepare well financially.

It’s worth mentioning as well that when you shop for accommodation online, it will also be easier to set up your itinerary for the trip because there’s a bounty of information on the various activities that you can do. Your schoolies trip doesn’t need to be a party-all-day-and-all-night deal – there’s no shortage of other fun outdoor or even indoor activities for you to try. You can try hang gliding for the first time, or hot air ballooning – experiences that you don’t easily have access to. If you want a well-rounded holiday, your final choice of accommodation will be greatly instrumental in achieving that goal.

Lastly, if you want to ensure a fun trip without breaking your budget, booking early will provide you the advantage of access to hot deals that can secure you nice discounts on rates and other services, as well as freebies. These deals are often limited due to the volume of holiday-makers, so make quick decisions about where to stay and grab all the great deals while they’re still available.