The Delightful Range of Holiday Rentals Byron Bay Offers

holiday rentals Byron Bay

With warmer weather up ahead, as well as the end of the school year for students coming in a few months, many are already planning their holiday as early as now (which is a smart, considering the onslaught of reservations for Byron Bay accommodation come late October). Hotels and beach resorts in Byron Bay fill up on reservations very early because nobody really wants to be stuck in ill-fitting lodgings (which are definitely not for those who intend to holiday with their entire family or with a big group of friends).

Luxurious hotels and beach resorts are not the only options for accommodation in Byron Bay – if the ones you originally had in mind are already booked for the date you have set for your getaway, don’t worry, because there is an impressive range of holiday rentals on offer in Byron Bay.

Whether you’re holidaying alone or with a group, you can be sure to find an accommodation option that will fit not only your budget but also other requirements for a blissful retreat as well.

We have affordable yet charming cottages in quiet locations that are not too far from the popular sights in Byron Bay.  The Cavvanbah Seaside cottage, in particular, is a charming option; it’s a century old, and the town is just a short walk from this beautiful and quite location. Likewise, Belongil Beach is close by; it’s ideal for small families that want the very definition of a home away from home.

Another “home away from home” option is the Ayindi Beach Retreat beach house, which is close to the city centre and is just a quick walk away from Clarkes Beach.

If you’re looking forward to a completely luxurious holiday—one that combines exotic style and special amenities—you have Aaman & Cinta Luxury Villas, The Beach Suites, Victoria at Ewingsdale, and many others. They have impressive architecture and have received high ratings for all their exquisite amenities and other special services to ensure the delight and comfort of guests.

And of course, there are mid-range options as well such as Bamboo Beach house, the Shirley Street Beach houses, Lord Byron Resort, Wollongbar motel and many others.

The bottom line is this: If you need a place to stay for a few days of R&R, Byron Bay has no shortage of beach houses, cottages, villas, motels and apartments to choose from. You don’t have to limit your holiday accommodation to pricey chain hotels. Visit our website for the full selection of Byron Bay accommodation and you may just find promotional discounts and other good deals for your getaway.