Whale watching Byron Bay Accommodation

Byron Bay whale watching accommodation

For the whale and nature lover out there, Byron Bay, Australia’s most easterly point offers a great backdrop to view the Humpback whales on their northern migration and has a variety of Byron Bay accommodation options to choose from whilst enjoying this unique experience.

Byron Bay offers some great vantage points for land based whale spotting during the annual migration season from July to November. Some of the more popular spots include the historic Cape Byron Lighthouse, Cape Byron walking track or only a short drive away the Broken Head Nature Reserve all offering beautiful headlands and lookouts for a great view of  breaching Humpbacks.

On offer is also a great variety of other marine and bird life from dolphins, turtles all of which can viewed from land or for the more adventurous, you could try the view from a boat, kayak, hang glider, helicopter or plane depending on budget.

Whale watching Byron Bay Accommodation

There are plenty of accommodation options ranging from luxury and casual beach houses or maybe an apartment or Byron Bay motel option.

After spending the Summer in Antarctica feeding on Krill, the east coast humpback then makes the 10,000 km journey up the East coast of Australia to it’s breeding grounds in Hervey Bay, bringing thousands of visitors and dollars to coastal towns such as Byron Bay.

Once a Humbacks only value was dead at the local whaling station for oil and whale bone, it has made a full circle and is now viewed for its spectacular breaching displays and general all round grace.

So visit Byron Bay and book your accommodation and see this special event.