Why Everyone Loves Luxury Accommodation – Byron Bay Destinations

Luxury Accommodation – Byron BayWith its several beaches, breathtaking sights, unspoilt hinterland, and relaxed lifestyles, it’s no wonder that Byron Bay has become one of the more popular destinations in NSW. Located just off the Pacific Highway, 175kms south of Brisbane and 800kms north of Sydney, this well-visited getaway is also accessible.

But there is one other alluring aspect to this popular NSW destination. And that is its selection of luxury accommodation.  Byron Bay may have been once deemed a surfie utopia, with its campsites and modest places to stay. Today, however, this chilled-out town features world-class accommodation that make any holiday an indulgent and dreamy experience.

But aside from the blissful holiday experience, why is luxury accommodation loved by anyone who visits Byron Bay?

The Location

Byron Bay’s luxury accommodation are preferable to tourists, both local and foreign, primarily for their ideal location. From penthouse suites to opulent villas, visitors to Byron Bay could be a short walk or ride away from any of the town’s attractions. Visitors can shop, dine, grab a cocktail, or sunbathe without going too far.

A Variety of Byron Bay Accommodation

In addition to location in areas of high interest, luxury accommodation in Byron Bay also come in a wide-range of options. There are hotel resorts for visitors who prefer the traditional elegance of hotel living. There are modern loft-style apartments equipped with everything any family or couple will need throughout the stay. There are Balinese-style luxury villas for couples seeking bliss and indulgence.

Whatever visitors need, there is a fitting luxury accommodation in Byron Bay.

The Creature Comforts

The whole idea behind every holiday is to feel at ease, to take one’s time (with everything, preferably), and to feel at home without actually being at home. With Byron Bay’s premium accommodation, visitors get the ultimate holiday.

A typical luxury villa in the beachside town will feature lavish furnishings, heated marble floors, a gourmet kitchen, a heated pool and an outdoor spa, and every creature comfort that makes every stay feel like heaven on earth.

Such accommodation also give guests access to exclusive services such as a masseuse on-request and private gourmet dining.

The Ultimate in Privacy

Finally, some of the more indulgent accommodation are located in more pristine and secluded areas. For honeymooners, couples, and anyone who wants the ultimate privacy to rejuvenate, Byron Bay’s luxurious retreats will deliver. Guests to such places may have access to their own private beach, their own infinity pools, heated sunken spas, and best of all, a spectacular view of the ocean at sunset or sunrise.